Photo transfer, watercolour and stitch on cotton (130 x 90cm).


Interwoven memories; those of my own and those borrowed. Exploring the realm of embroidery and quilting in relation to memories and nostalgia. Handmade quilt made from photo transfers of collages, connected with watercolour paint on primer and hand-stitched embroidery.

Watercolour on tracing paper (26 x 18cm).
Watercolour on primed muslin (60 x 52cm).

Drawing influence from Albert Kahn’s early 1900’s colour photograph collection and Fiona Tan’s Vox Populi series. By using watercolour paints to achieve atmospheric and light effects, nothing is solid or real, just a memory.

Duality Exhibition, Bradshaw Space, DJCAD.

5 minute video installation investigating the relationship between the interior and exterior, focusing on the domestic. The washing line falls under the realm of domestic activity, however it is located outside. Considering this, I created my own washing line and hung up three hand embroidered art works, observing their movement when blown by the wind.

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Film photograph developed in darkroom (12 x 18cm).
Collage on acetate between two perspex panels, mounted over a wall light (42 x 30cm).

Mark-making with photograph developer in the darkroom to produce painterly images. This traditional aspect of analog photography is then amalgamated with modern materials such as acrylic perspex, creating something contemporary.

Monoprint on Photo Transfer (42 x 28cm).
Oil paint on Waterless Lithograph (left (49 x 37cm)), and Photo Transfers (centre (26 x 22cm), right (44 x 37cm)) on stretched voile.

Project exploring the Human Condition. Focusing on the role of uniform and dress in relation to the different class groups of society, and how it can act as an identifier of a certain group, particularly during Victorian Britain.

Artists book  (15 x 9cm) containing 11 hand-embroidered pages of muslin, with a photograph on tracing paper from a series of projections sewn onto every second page. The remaining pages have a hand-stitched floral design showing a bare branch on which flowers bloom throughout the book.